Engine Options for the 2019 Jaguar F-TYPE near Lake Bluff, IL

2019 Jaguar F-Type

Do you want your new luxury sports car to have impressive power and capability? The 2019 Jaguar F-TYPE has the breathtaking power you deserve thanks to three dynamic engine options. To help you determine which 2019 Jaguar F-TYPE engine is the ideal choice for your lifestyle, the following page has been created by the team at Imperial Motors Jaguar of Lake Bluff, IL. Continue reading for more information regarding performance specs, or speak directly to a product specialist by calling (877) 437-0379. Then, browse our online showroom to find the model you're interested in.

Engine Sizes

There are three different engine sizes available when you choose the 2019 Jaguar F-TYPE: a 2.0L Turbo I4, 3.0L V6, and 5.0L V8. Each engine delivers unique performance specs so you can tailor your driving experience to your exact requirements.

2019 Jaguar F-Type driving on a winding road

Performance Ratings

Are you looking for specific performance ratings from a sports car? The 2019 Jaguar F-TYPE will surely not disappoint with any of the three engine options. With the 2.0L Turbo I4 engine, you won't have to sacrifice efficiency for power, as it is the most efficient engine option. The V6 and V8 engine options provide highly potent power and breathtaking acceleration. The table below details complete specs for all three 2019 F-TYPE engines.


2.0L Turbo I4

3.0L V6

5.0L V8


296 HP

340 HP

550 HP


295 lb.-ft.

332 lb.-ft.

502 lb.-ft.

Combined MPG

26 MPG

23 MPG

18 MPG

Drivetrain Types

With the 2019 Jaguar F-TYPE, you'll have the choice of rear- or all-wheel drivetrain types. The table below depicts the drivetrain availability for each of the three engine options.


2.0L Turbo I4

3.0L V6

5.0L V8

Drivetrain Type

Rear-wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive

All-wheel drive

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